Unlike Traditional Eye Insurance, Group Vision Care Direct Benefits Are Simple, Flexible, and Affordable

In addition to competitive compensation, your employees, including prospective ones, want a holistic and generous benefits package. Quality coverage can make the difference between a team member staying and moving on from your company. In fact, a Glassdoor survey found that 80% of employees would choose additional benefits over a pay raise in many cases.

Vision benefits are an important part of this equation. Employees want to take advantage of vision care services that not only positively impact their eye health, but also their general well-being. Through an annual exam, an eye doctor can detect a wide variety of other conditions, like heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes.

Vision Care Direct benefits are designed and managed by practicing optometrists, because we know firsthand what coverages patients are looking for. What they don’t need are difficult-to-understand policies that result in high out-of-pocket expenses.

Our vision benefits are simple, flexible, and affordable, meaning your employees can schedule vision care services with confidence and without the fear they’ll be left with a hefty bill after visiting the doctor’s office.

If you’re considering implementing new benefits or updating your current offerings for 2024, now is the time to enroll in a Vision Care Direct group plan. Here’s why.

Why Employers Love Our Vision Benefits

Vision benefits ultimately support your employees’ overall wellness. And healthier team members generally perform better at work. Employees with uncorrected vision problems are more likely to experience headaches and other symptoms as a result of eye strain, leading to reduced productivity and absences that affect your bottom line.

A Workforce.com report found that employers gain $7 for every $1 they invest in vision benefits, totaling to yearly savings of more than $2,700 per employee. What’s more, research studies have suggested that vision coverage reduces reliance on the company medical plan, keeping premium costs low year to year.

Vision Care Direct benefits can also play a major role in job satisfaction. When your employees see that you make their well-being a priority, they feel more valued and appreciated. This can boost workplace morale and reduce the likelihood of turnover. To attract and retain top talent, you need top benefits they can’t find anywhere else.

Employees Get Better Vision Care Services with Vision Care Direct

Traditional eye insurance has made it hard for employees to get quality vision care services at a price they can afford. That’s because policies have long been riddled with confusing industry jargon and fine print.

With Vision Care Direct benefits, your employees can look forward to getting more for less. Our comprehensive exam and materials coverages allow members to invest in their eye health, while saving money. Because our plans are tailored to an individual’s or family’s needs, they never pay for anything that doesn’t serve them.

Employees can boost their savings when they elect to see a VCD PLUS provider. These optometrists enhance what all members receive with our standard vision benefits, giving patients access to fashionable eyewear, high-definition ophthalmic lenses (single vision, bifocal, trifocal, or premium progressives), and a variety of add-ons like an anti-reflective coating, scratch-resistant coating, and UV protection at no additional cost.

And the best part? You get the credit for keeping more money in your employees’ pockets!

How Your Business Can Enroll in Our Vision Benefits

Everyone wins with Vision Care Direct benefits. Both you and your employees can look forward to exceptional coverages at unbeatable prices. No matter if you’re a team of two or more than a hundred, we have solutions suited for each member of your organization.

Request a group vision benefits quote today by filling out our online form. Our team will use the information you provide to craft a customized proposal and reach out to you to discuss your options. Several insurance brokers offer Vision Care Direct benefits as well and can help you determine which offerings are right for you.

For any questions, call us directly at (877) 488-8900. A friendly VCD customer service representative will be happy to assist you.

Not an Employer?

At Vision Care Direct, we believe in making vision benefits more accessible. That’s why we touch all corners of our industry – from individuals searching for coverage to eye doctors looking to give their practice a competitive edge to insurance brokers interested in growing their client base.

If any of these classification apply to you, visit our Members, Providers, and Brokers pages for more information.