All About Our Eye Insurance Alternative.

A Closer Look at Who We Are and Why We’re Different from Traditional Eye Insurance Companies

For far too long, eye insurance companies have made vision care expensive and hard to understand. We’re here to bring things back into focus. Vision Care Direct is revolutionizing the vision plan industry with simple, flexible, and affordable benefits designed and managed by practicing optometrists.

After all, no one understands the value of quality eye care better than doctors. We’ve bucked the traditional eye insurance approach and set our sights on making your vision our top priority.

You deserve benefits that make sense. You shouldn’t have to question your coverage or worry about surprise out-of-pocket expenses at the doctor’s office. We’re saying “enough is enough” to eye insurance plans and making our mark as a leader in vision care solutions. 


No complex terminology or fine print. With our plans, it is easy to know what you get and how much you’ll save.


Everyone’s vision needs are different. That’s why we’ve designed our plans with enough flexibility to ensure your benefit fits just right for you.


Compared to eye insurance companies, our value is second to none. We promise transparent and fair pricing, without high out-of-pocket costs.

Who Our Eye Insurance Alternative Benefits

We work with both consumers and industry professionals to make quality eye care accessible to all.

Why You Should Choose a Vision Care Direct Plan Over Eye Insurance 

Our eye insurance alternative is unlike anything else on the market. Here’s why members, doctors, employers, and eye care insurance brokers alike love what we do:

  • Our vision plans suit every need without overcomplicating the process.
  • We’re backed by a network of thousands of trusted providers all across the country.
  • There are more opportunities to save, especially with VCD PLUS.
  • You’ll get easy access to benefits information and resources.
  • An optometrist is only ever a message away to answer your questions related to eye care and eyewear.
  • You’ll always speak to a real live person when you call.


The Difference Is Clear. Get Started with Vision Care Direct!

We make getting top-notch vision services easier than ever with simple, flexible, and affordable solutions for every eye care and eyewear need. It’s time to leave traditional eye insurance plans in the past and join the Vision Care Direct revolution! 

It doesn’t matter if you’re an individual in need of coverage or an employer, eye care insurance broker, or provider interested in partnership opportunities, Vision Care Direct delivers tremendous value for everyone involved.

Get in touch with our team to learn more about how our eye insurance alternative can benefit you!


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