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Member Benefits For Quality Eye Care from Vision Care Direct

Simple, flexible, and affordable member benefits make surprise fees a thing of the past. Vision Care Direct coverage is customized to your needs, so you can feel confident you have the right level of protection the next time you see a provider.

Choose our straightforward alternative to eye insurance plans to get the quality eye care you deserve, while saving money.

Individual Member Benefits Plan

No matter if you’re searching for VCD membership information for just you or the whole family, we have customized solutions to suit your every need. With both eye care and eyewear options, our plans provide you with the right levels of coverage at the best value.

Group Member Benefits Plan

If your employer offers Vision Care Direct as part of your benefits package, you can join your company’s existing group plan. We make it easy for you, so you can start saving on eye care and eyewear sooner.

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VCD PLUS Benefits

Finally, there’s a way to get glasses without the headache! Our VCD PLUS member benefit gives you the freedom to use your materials allowance as you see fit. When you shop for eyewear with a VCD PLUS provider, you’ll have access to a wide range of high-definition ophthalmic lenses and premium add-ons, like an anti-reflection or scratch-resistant coating and UV protection, all for one affordable price.

Ready to save even more? Look for the VCD PLUS logo when searching for a provider in your area.

Membership Information for Out-of-Network Reimbursement

Standard vision insurance benefits make it challenging to get reimbursed when you visit an out-of-network provider for an eye exam or glasses. VCD members can still see a doctor outside the network. Simply use the online reimbursement form to make a claim.

Membership Information for LASIK Reimbursement

LASIK reduces your dependence on prescription eyeglasses and contacts, but many vision insurance plans don’t cover the surgery! VCD member benefits include reimbursement for LASIK. You’ll need copies of itemized receipts, plus your Vision Care Direct Member ID, to complete the online form.

Already Enjoying Our Member Benefits?

Vision Care Direct is different from traditional vision insurance benefits in almost every way, including how you review your plan details. Our member portal puts everything right at your fingertips, so you always know what you’re covered for — and how much you’re saving. Log in or sign up for a closer look at your individual membership information

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Ask a Doctor — No Membership Required!

Not all eye care questions warrant a full appointment to get them answered. At Vision Care Direct, optometrists are ready to help, whether you want advice or just need to know the facts. You don’t even have to be a member yet! How many traditional eye insurance plan carriers can say that?


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