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Stand Out from the Crowd as a Vision Care Direct Provider

No one understands the importance of quality eye care like you do. We know, because we’re practicing optometrists ourselves. As the nation’s fastest growing vision plan designed and built by doctors, we’ve set out to reinvent the industry with easy-to-understand and cost-effective benefits. As a Vision Care Direct provider, you’ll have the freedom to offer the care you want, backed by the value that your patients deserve. Look forward to happier, healthier patients when you partner with Vision Care Direct.

Why Patients Seek Out Vision Care Direct Providers

Our members love our plans, because they have access to a nationwide network of the best vision providers (like you!). And unlike traditional insurance, we’ve made getting quality eye care simple, flexible, and affordable.

Simple: Our plans are easy to understand and free of industry jargon and fine print, so patients always know what they’re covered for. They’ll feel comfortable scheduling an appointment without the worry of being left with a hefty bill.

Flexible: You know better than anyone that every patient’s vision needs are unique. Our benefits are flexible enough so individuals can get the level of care that’s just right for them.

Affordable: Vision care services are often overlooked, because they’re associated with high out-of-pocket costs. Seeing a Vision Care Direct provider means patients never have to worry about expensive trips to the doctor’s office.

By joining the Vision Care Direct revolution, you’re able to attract more patients and create a better experience for those you serve.

Help Patients Save Even More as a VCD PLUS Vision Provider

Patients look for the VCD PLUS logo when searching for an eye care provider in their area, because they can get eyewear add-ons like an anti-reflection coating, scratch-resistant coating, and UV protection at no additional cost. By offering this benefit, you can drive more VCD members to your office and even increase unit sales for glasses and contacts. Patients will be more likely to purchase a second pair when they can take advantage of the extra savings and value VCD PLUS provides.

Fill out our online form to get started, or contact us for more information about becoming a VCD PLUS vision provider.

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Get a Fee Schedule Proposal When You’re Ready to Become a Vision Care Direct Provider

Our eye care providers are paid the best in the industry, because it’s our belief that when you’re compensated fairly, you’re able to better invest in your patients. That’s a win-win for everyone involved! Complete our request form to receive your personalized reimbursement schedule proposal.

Enjoy Instant Access to Your Vision Provider Profile

Log in to your VCD provider account anytime, anywhere, to view your profile and access other important materials and information.

If you’re already a Vision Care Direct provider and need to make changes to your account, you can submit your request online. We’ll let you know as soon as the updates have been processed.

medical vision coverage

New Partnership with Superior Optical Lab

Discover exclusive benefits with Vision Care Direct’s partnership with Superior Optical Lab. Enjoy special lens pricing, and monthly rebates based on sales volume. Sign up now to elevate your practice and maximize savings!


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