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Offer the Best Vision Care Benefits and See Even More Patients

The vision care industry has long been dominated by a few national eye insurance providers. Owned by large corporations, these carriers rarely have the independent optometrist’s best interests in mind.

Vision Care Direct is designed and managed by practicing optometrists, so we know a thing or two about what it takes to succeed in this business. Our high level of reimbursement and high patient value have allowed us to make our mark in a way that benefits both doctors and members.

Learn why becoming a VCD PLUS provider is better for you, your patients, and your bottom line.

What It Means to Be a VCD PLUS Provider

VCD PLUS enhances the benefits of our standard coverage, so patients can get the eyewear they need and enjoy extra savings. By visiting a Vision Care Direct PLUS provider, members have access to the latest fashionable frames, high-definition ophthalmic lenses, and premium add-ons, like an anti-reflection coating, scratch-resistant coating, and UV protection. 

Progressive lenses with AR cost just $15 to the patient, for example. This not only helps you establish patient loyalty at your office, but also gives you more opportunities to grow your profit. 

On top of that, VCD PLUS providers have a higher reimbursement schedule than standard providers. Patients can still upgrade to better material options as needed. They pay the balance for any uncovered enhancements, and you get the full fee for it. VCD does not force you to offer discounts on any uncovered extras.

Becoming a VCD PLUS provider is simple. Submit our online application, and we’ll be in touch with you soon!

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vision coverage
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Why We Care About Offering the Best Vision Care Benefits

In our quest to revolutionize eye care, we asked members, “What’s your number one complaint about any vision plan you’ve participated in?” Of course, the answer wasn’t surprising. When enrolled in a plan, no one likes paying more than expected at the time of service.

Consumers have become frustrated with traditional eye insurance providers and the high out-of-pocket costs associated with the doctor’s office, especially when it comes to getting eyewear. Patients are taking their prescriptions and shopping online, or even foregoing buying glasses or contacts altogether.

With this knowledge, we saw an opportunity to innovate and created VCD PLUS, kicking our coverage up a notch. Thanks to Vision Care Direct PLUS providers, we’ve encouraged members to return to their optometrists and helped them save hundreds on eyewear costs.

How to Qualify as a VCD PLUS Provider

VCD members look for the PLUS logo when searching for providers in their area using our online directory. To qualify, you must be able to provide patients with frames and lenses that meet the materials requirements outlined in our PLUS Provider application.

Progressives should be a standard digital or enhanced progressive design. We give you the freedom to choose your covered progressive design and brand, and you’ll never be forced to use a particular lab.

Anti-reflection coating must be a high-quality AR with a minimum one-year warranty that guarantees one-time replacement.

We’re happy to lend our expertise to help you settle on a design that ensures profitability. Whether a patient opts to use our standard VCD or VCD PLUS benefit, you can be confident you have quality offerings that contribute to your success.


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