A Small Business Vision Plan Is Good for You, Your Employees, and Your Bottom Line

Traditionally, employer vision insurance coverage has been complex and extremely limited. Policies are difficult to understand and visiting the eye doctor often means paying high out-of-pocket expenses.

This has not only been a disservice to individuals, but also the employers who provide these benefits. The lack of quality coverage tells team members they’re not valued by the business they work for, impacting their job satisfaction and overall performance.

Enter Vision Care Direct – a simple, flexible, and affordable solution to employer vision insurance. Designed and managed by practicing optometrists, our small business vision plans help members get the care they need without breaking the bank. Our benefits do away with complex terminology and fine print, so individuals know exactly what they’re covered for and how much they’re saving.

Vision Care Direct offers an unbeatable value you can’t find anywhere else. Whatever kind of business you run and however many employees you have, we provide options that suit a wide range of group needs. Our top-rated plans are ones you can feel good about your team members carrying.

Keep reading to learn why setting up a group vision care plan with Vision Care Direct is in your best interest.

Attract and Retain Talent with Enhanced Benefits

The current job market is a competitive one, meaning you need something that gives your business an edge. A tempting benefits package can do the trick. According to a Glassdoor survey, nearly 60% of people include benefits and perks among their top considerations before accepting a job. To get the best of the best, you have to offer the best of the best.

A small business vision plan can also help you keep quality team members. In another survey, 78% of respondents said they were more likely to stay in their current role if their benefits were attractive. Employees want to work where they feel appreciated, and better coverage reinforces the notion that you care about their personal needs. When you prioritize your employees’ wellness, they’ll reciprocate with loyalty.

You Can Increase Workplace Efficiencies with a Group Vision Care Plan

Employees who see better tend to do better work. A group vision care plan encourages team members to schedule exams with their optometrist on a regular basis, allowing them to stay on top of their eye health. During an exam, a doctor will perform several tests to diagnose, manage, or correct any vision issues.

With a Vision Care Direct provider on their side, your employees can be more productive and stay focused on the task at hand. If your team’s jobs mostly revolve around computers, it’s also a good idea to promote the 20-20-20 rule to prevent eye strain. This says for every 20 minutes an individual looks at a screen, they should look at an object 20 feet away for 20 seconds.

A Group Vision Care Plan Can Save You Money

Your employees will certainly enjoy saving money when they see a Vision Care Direct provider, but our group vision care plans are financially beneficial for you, too. Multiple research studies have found that vision coverage reduces employees’ reliance on the company medical plan. With fewer health insurance claims, you’re able to keep premiums as low as possible from year to year.

Additionally, absences also become less frequent when team members have the proper resources to look after their well-being. Missed work can impact a business’s production schedule, which can ultimately eat into your bottom line.

Join Vision Care Direct and Provide a Simple, Flexible, Affordable Group Vision Care Plan

Giving your employees access to easy-to-understand, cost-effective benefits has never been easier. Vision Care Direct has revolutionized employer vision insurance and crafted group vision care plans that do away with costly trips to the eye doctor and give members more for less money.

Our plans are backed by a nationwide network of Vision Care Direct providers, so you and your team will never have trouble finding a doctor near you. What’s more, we have optometrists on staff who can answer your questions when you don’t require a full appointment.

Discover how we can create a plan customized to you and your employees’ needs by calling (877) 488-8900 or submitting our online form.

Not an employer? We also serve individuals and families, brokers, and eye care providers. Visit our web pages to learn how we can craft a unique solution that helps you meet your goals.