Vision Care Direct Plans Offer Benefits Both You and Your Employees Can Appreciate

Nothing ever seems easy about the hiring market. Attracting and retaining employees has always been a challenge. The good news is that, as an employer, you have the power to give your business a competitive edge.

Providing the right benefits (and promoting them to prospects) can help you stand out as a business that goes the extra mile to care for their employees. Investing in your workforce now can come back two-fold later on.

Most employees rank vision coverage among their top three most-valued benefits. So if you aren’t providing a vision care plan, now may be a good time to start. Vision Care Direct plans can be offered on a voluntary or employee-paid basis, giving your team access to simple, flexible, and affordable coverage.

Your employees aren’t the only ones to reap the benefits, though. You win, too! Here are just some of the reasons employers love partnering with us.

Our Vision Care Plans Can Improve Employee Health

Employees who look after their eye health are generally more productive in the workplace. They see better and are able to work through tasks quickly and efficiently.

Regular eye exams are beneficial to more than just your vision. They can shed light on your overall health as well. In fact, according to the American Optometric Association, one in five Americans say a vision care professional has detected a health issue not directly related to their eyes. Signs of high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, and even cancer can be discovered during a comprehensive eye exam, allowing patients to seek treatment early and improving their chances of a positive healthcare outcome.

Our Vision Care Plans Are Pre-Tax Deductible

Vision Care Direct plans qualify as a pre-tax deduction, which in turn, lowers your payroll tax contributions.

And employees like it, too! Because their benefits are withdrawn from their gross income before withholding taxes, they pay less in taxable income. This saves money over time, which anyone can appreciate. Additionally, an employee will typically spend less on their work plan than they would if they were to go out and purchase their own coverage with their take-home pay.

Our Vision Care Plans Can Reduce Your Health Insurance Costs

Studies have shown that a vision care plan can lower the utilization of your company medical benefits. This can ultimately help you keep health insurance costs down.

Aside from your group size, your claims history can be a factor in determining your premiums. If your group is more susceptible to health issues that show you’re at an increased risk of costly claims, you’re more likely to pay higher insurance rates. Because comprehensive eye exams can spot certain health conditions early, your employees have a better chance of visiting their primary care provider before their condition worsens.

Also, while your health insurance may pay for an eye problem that’s medical in nature, it usually won’t cover routine preventative exams or the cost of new eyewear.

Thousands of Providers Accept Our Vision Care Plans

Our business was founded by practicing optometrists, so we understand the value of quality vision care and have partnered with the best providers across the country. Vision Care Direct providers are located in multiple states and ready to help you and your employees make eye health a top priority.

Most of our providers are a part of our VCD PLUS program as well, allowing patients to save even more on lens add-ons, like scratch-resistant and anti-reflective coatings.

Our Vision Care Plans Make Employees Happy

Employees value the benefits they receive and notice that you’re putting effort into their well-being. This translates to a positive association with the workplace, and we all know that happy employees also make loyal ones.

Not to mention, happy employees can make good recruiters, too. By sharing their experiences with others, job seekers get a first-hand account of how great your company is to work for.

No Business is Too Small to Benefit from Vision Care Direct Plans

It doesn’t matter if you have a team of two or over 100, our vision care plans are for employers of all sizes and scopes.

We pride ourselves on offering plans that are simple, flexible, and affordable for all. Vision insurance plans can offer cheap monthly premiums, but at the time of service, you end up paying high out-of-pocket costs. Vision Care Direct is different. Our vision care plans get you the best value overall, so you’re not breaking the bank now or when you visit the doctor’s office.

With Vision Care Direct, members can look forward to coverage for comprehensive eye exams, a frame allowance for glasses or contacts, plus more benefits through a VCD PLUS provider.

Visit our Employers page for more information or send us a message with any questions. We can’t wait to hear from you!