Take Advantage of Our Simple and Flexible Vision Coverage Plans

Your vision is an integral part of your health, so it’s important to take care of your eyes and do all you can to keep them protected. However, vision care insurance can sometimes be an overwhelming topic that you might want to avoid altogether.

At Vision Care Direct, we’re giving the vision care industry a whole new meaning. Our vision coverage plans put the focus back on you, whether you’re a member, employer, broker, or provider. Rather than vision care insurance, we provide meaningful membership plans that are full of value.

Vision care shouldn’t be complicated. Here’s all that our vision services can offer you at Vision Care Direct.

How We’re Different

We don’t offer vision care insurance. We offer vision coverage plans that are easy to understand and can be customized to provide you with the care you need.

We Make Vision Care Simple

Our vision coverage plans don’t involve any ifs, ands, or buts. You won’t need to worry about misleading terminology or fine print, as we’ve made it easy to understand what’s included in your plan and just how much you’ll save.

And if you have any questions or need clarification along the way, our customer service representatives are always available to assist you.

Flexible Vision Services

Your vision is just that – your own. Your vision care needs are unique to you, and shouldn’t be confined to a one-size-fits-all plan. At Vision Care Direct, we’ve intentionally designed our plans to offer flexibility. Our vision services can be used to your benefit, and however it best suits your needs. You’ll easily access everything you need for your vision care, and nothing you don’t.

Our Plans are Affordable

Some vision care insurance plans can be costly and come with surprise out-of-pocket expenses at your time of service. Not only are our vision coverage plans full of value, but they don’t include additional charges later on. Vision care should be affordable, which is why our plans offer transparent pricing so you know exactly what to expect.

Who We Help

Everyone can find value in our vision services. When you become a member or VCD PLUS provider, you’ll get to experience vision care made easy.

Individual Members

Whether you’re looking to cover just you or your entire family, our vision coverage plans make vision care simple and affordable. You’ll receive frames, high-definition lenses, anti-reflection coating, scratch-resistant coating, and UV protection, all included in your vision plan when you visit a PLUS provider. What’s more, you won’t have trouble finding a VCD provider near you, as our vision services are offered across the country.


As an employer, it’s important to provide your employees with everything they need for success. One way to do so is with a high-quality benefits package. When you offer one of our vision service plans, your employees will appreciate straightforward and hassle-free vision care. And the good news is you can benefit from our vision services, whether you have two employees or more than a hundred. Set your benefits package apart from the rest when you offer one of our vision coverage plans.

Insurance Brokers

When you recommend one of our vision coverage plans to your clients, you’ll offer an extensive benefits package that satisfies their needs. Not only will you grow your client base and simply offer more, but you’ll provide your clients with more choices and allow them to save big on their vision care.


Welcome more patients into your door and stand out from your competitors when you become a VCD PLUS provider. As a PLUS provider, local members of Vision Care Direct will find your office through our online provider directory. Our vision coverage plans allow you to provide your patients with the vision care they deserve, all while you’re part of the nation’s fastest growing vision plan.

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Vision care insurance is complicated, confusing, and comes with surprise out-of-pocket expenses that can quickly add up. At Vision Care Direct, we simplify vision care and offer membership plans that are easy to understand, flexible, and most of all, affordable. Whether you’re an individual member, employer, insurance broker, or provider, you’ll find value in our vision services.

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