Get More from Your Vision Care with Vision Care Direct

In today’s growing market, attracting, maintaining, and caring for your employees is more important than ever. Employees find great value in their benefits – especially vision care – and aren’t afraid to make changes to get the coverage they deserve.

So, how do you ensure you’re providing both your current and future employees with the high-quality care they’re looking for? When you’re a member of Vision Care Direct, you’ll offer your employees a vision care plan that not only satisfies their needs, but gives them access to the flexible, affordable care they desire.

We extend vision care to businesses of all industries and sizes, meaning no employee is omitted from enjoying the value of our eye care plans. Members of Vision Care Direct enjoy several benefits that make vision care simple and most of all, valuable. With one of our vision plans, your employees will experience vision care like never before.

Benefits of Offering a Vision Plan from Vision Care Direct

vision care is a sought-after component of any benefits plan and can make your business stand out to both potential and current employees. Members of Vision Care Direct not only appreciate vision care that is easy to understand, but also many extra benefits that other plan providers don’t offer.

Annual Eye Exams

A majority of employer-sponsored health plans cover a selection of preventative care benefits, and while routine vision care benefits aren’t typically included in that, they should be. Annual eye exams are a vital aspect of vision health, and are an integral part of early detection of other health concerns.

In fact, a number of diseases, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, glaucoma, some types of cancers, and heart and kidney concerns, can all be identified inside the eye before anywhere else on the body. Early detection leads to early diagnosis and treatment, which can then help prevent long-term complications.

Annual eye exams are included in the vision plans available to members of Vision Care Direct and can give your employees the support they need to stay up to date on their health.

Retaining Great Employees

Vision care is essential to keep your current employees not only healthy, but also satisfied with their benefits. For industries that utilize low lighting or extensive screen time on a daily basis, vision care is especially important. It can work to reduce absenteeism and downtime, as your employees won’t suffer from eye strain or related headaches.

Offering a vision plan also lets your employees know you value both their general health and eye health, which can increase productivity and make them feel appreciated. Plus, providing vision care allows your employees to afford the proper eyewear and comprehensive exams necessary for success.

Attractive and Affordable

Vision Care Direct can advance your benefits package, while still keeping it affordable. Our vision service plans can be customized to each individual employee and their personal needs, providing them with all the freedom and coverage necessary.

All of our vision plans include a regular comprehensive eye exam, so your employees can stay up to date with both their vision and overall health. They also offer significant savings on eyewear and other features that would be expensive elsewhere, such as UV protection lenses and no-line progressive lenses. All costs are included upfront at PLUS provider locations, eliminating surprise out-of-pocket expenses later on.

At Vision Care Direct, we put our focus on the health of your employees, not making a profit, which is why we’ve taken specific measures to keep costs low when it comes to vision care. Our vision plans give you more for less, making them an attractive and affordable option within your benefits package.

Don’t Have a Vision Plan? Get Started with Vision Care Direct!

Members of Vision Care Direct get access to simple, flexible vision care for a price you won’t find anywhere else, along with several other benefits that can enhance your business. Our vision service plans are affordable and completely customizable, giving your employees complete control of their vision care.

And with VCD PLUS, you’ll have access to all of the benefits of Vision Care Direct, plus more. You’ll receive a standard anti-reflection coating on any lens type at no additional cost. Additionally, with materials coverage, you’ll get to use your benefits exactly how you need at the doctor’s office, and have peace of mind knowing everything is already taken care of.

If your employees don’t yet have a vision plan, or you’re looking to offer a more advanced one full of value, look no further than Vision Care Direct. To get started, give us a call at (877) 488-8900. One of our customer service representatives will be happy to assist you and tell you more about our vision service plans.

Vision care has never been easier with Vision Care Direct.