Vision Care Direct Benefits Set You (and Your Clients!) Up for Success

It’s essential to maintain existing client relationships as an insurance broker, and it’s equally important to actively seek out opportunities to attract new business and adapt to evolving customer needs. One of the most effective ways to do this is by expanding your coverage offerings.

According to The Vision Council, over 75% of American adults use some sort of vision correction, meaning that if you don’t offer vision care plans, you’re missing out on a significant market. But with such a wide variety of options available to insurance brokers, it can be difficult to know which eye benefit is the right choice.

For too long, traditional insurance carriers have made vision care services complex and expensive, using hard-to-understand policy language that results in confusion for everyone involved. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Vision Care Direct is reinventing the vision care plan industry with solutions that make the end customer the primary focus. When you partner with us, you’ll get to build your business by recommending benefits both you and your clients can feel good about.

Becoming a Vision Care Direct Broker Partner is an easy decision.

Our Vision Care Plans Add Value to Your Benefits Package

Adding Vision Care Direct benefits to your offerings means clients can bundle a vision care plan with a health care plan, so it’s convenient for them to get the coverage they need. This makes you a one-stop shop and enforces your reputation as a trusted advisor in the industry. Customers will value your commitment to ensuring they’re properly protected when it comes to all aspects of their well-being – and may even share their exceptional experience with others.

By partnering with Vision Care Direct, you’ll give your business a competitive edge. Your clients will have access to customized vision care services they won’t find anywhere else. Our vision care plans are backed by a network of optometrists all across the country who are dedicated to high-quality eye care and meeting patient needs.

Customers Appreciate That Our Vision Care Plans Are Simple, Flexible, and Affordable

Traditional eye insurance policies are confusing and have limited coverage, which results in high out-of-pocket costs for the end customer. Our members love our vision care plans because they’re straightforward, tailored to individual needs, and free of surprise expenses.

Whether your clients need eye care, eyewear, or both, Vision Care Direct benefits allow them to have full control of their coverage and enroll in a plan that makes sense for them. And because our vision care plans are so refreshingly simple, members always know exactly what’s included – and how much they’re saving during doctor visits.

What’s more, Vision Care Direct membership contributions can be paid on a pre-tax basis, saving your client even more money in the long run.

Offering our vision care plans ensures you’re focusing on what matters most: your clients. And that’s always something to be proud of. With your clients’ best interests in mind, you’re able to provide an unbeatable value and build loyalty where it counts.

We Build a True Partnership with You

We want to create a partnership with you that goes beyond educating your clients about our reinvention of the vision care plan industry. We aspire to help you grow. It’s our belief that we succeed only when you do too, and we’re committed to nurturing a relationship that brings out the best of both of our businesses.

With Vision Care Direct, you can look forward to a level commission structure that guarantees you equally benefit from your sales. Whether you assist a large company or small startup, you’ll make the same commission no matter what. This ensures you earn more money and don’t have to worry about your rate being cut the more lives you add.

Join the Vision Care Plan Revolution Today

Ready to take your insurance broker career to the next level? Vision Care Direct has you covered! Equipped with our simple, flexible, and affordable vision care plans, you’ll help clients get the vision care services they need, while strengthening your available service options.

Even if you’re not a broker, you can still take advantage of Vision Care Direct benefits. We also serve members, employers, and providers in an effort to make quality eye care simpler and more accessible than ever before.

To bring the Vision Care Direct difference to your clients, call (877) 488-8900 or sign up online. One of our account executives will be happy to help you get started!