VCD’s Flexible and Affordable Vision Coverage Plan Alternative Can Help

We all know good health care is essential to maintaining a healthy body. So why don’t we view our vision the same way?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), only half of the estimated 93 million people at high risk for vision loss visited a doctor in the past year.

Looking after your eye health starts with the right vision coverage plan. But traditional vision care insurance is expensive and uses complex industry jargon that makes it difficult to determine the best plan for you and your needs.

Vision Care Direct is different. Our insurance alternative benefits are simple, flexible, and affordable.

To help cut through the confusion of vision service plans, we’ve answered five of the most common questions.

Do I Need Vision Care Insurance If I Have Good Eyesight?

Even if you have perfect 20/20 vision, it’s a good idea to have your eyes checked annually. Seeking out reputable vision services ensures you’re preserving your sight and helping ward off any problems down the road.

However, without a vision coverage plan, you could experience high out-of-pocket expenses. A medical plan can cover costs related to eye injuries or diseases, but doesn’t always cover routine preventative eye care.

What’s the Difference Between an In-Network and Out-Of-Network Provider?

Seeing an in-network provider for vision services guarantees you’ll be able to use your benefits to their fullest. You can look forward to little to no out-of-pocket costs, plus take advantage of exclusive member savings on eyewear.

At Vision Care Direct, we have thousands of in-network providers all across the country ready to care for you, so it’s easy to find a doctor you like and trust in your area.

If you do get an exam or shop for glasses with an out-of-network provider, not all is lost. We offer members a quick and no-hassle way to request reimbursement using our online form.

What’s a Frame Allowance?

The cost of glasses can add up fast – with style, brand, lenses, add-ons and more influencing the final price tag. A frame allowance fully covers or significantly lowers the amount you have to pay for new eyewear. If you go over the allowance, you’ll only be responsible for the difference in price.

Interested in some additional vision services perks? You’ll want to check out our VCD PLUS benefit. By seeing a VCD PLUS provider, you can receive a complete eyewear option with anti-reflection coating, scratch resistance, and UV protection included on any lens type. On top of that, if you’re a multifocal wearer, you can get standard digital progressive lenses at no additional charge. These upgrades have already helped many of our members enjoy hundreds of dollars in savings every year!

How Do I Know Which Vision Service Plan Is Right For Me?

To pick the best vision coverage plan for you and your family, first assess your past and present eye care needs. If you’re able to, look back at your records from previous years to get a better idea of how often you used certain vision services. Reviewing this information will help you gauge what your future needs may be and analyze plans more thoughtfully and holistically.

Often, vision care insurance carriers offer so many choices that there’s not a clear-cut indication of what you should pick. At Vision Care Direct, we understand what you need and provide just three plan options for individuals (group plans offer more flexibility in frame and contact lens allowances):

  • With our Exam Only Plan, you’ll be covered for any comprehensive eye exams, which can include the refraction and dilation of pupils when indicated and help detect up to 16 different eye and general health conditions.
  • With our Materials Only Plan, you’ll receive a frame allowance to shop the latest fashion eyewear and a full range of high-definition lenses, like free-form progressives, single-vision, and bifocals, or an option to use that allowance for contact lenses.
  • Our Exam + Materials Plan is the best of both worlds, combining our other plans to give you access to comprehensive eye exams and great coverage on eyewear and contact lenses.

Note that our Materials Only and Exam + Materials plans let you and your family enjoy even more benefits when you visit a VCD PLUS provider. Look for the VCD PLUS logo when you search for providers near you on our website.

How Can I Join Vision Care Direct?

Vision Care Direct isn’t vision care insurance. Instead, we’re committed to helping increase access to vision services and designing plans that are easy to navigate and understand. We pride ourselves on getting you the best value and biggest savings possible – whether you’re looking for coverage for just yourself, or a family of four or more.

We also partner with employers, brokers, and providers to further our mission and make getting quality eye care accessible to all.

Visit our Members page to learn more about our vision coverage plans and how you can put your focus back on your eye health. Or call us at (877) 488-8900 to speak to a VCD customer service representative. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have!