Are you gearing up for your next eye examination? Whether it’s your first or your fiftieth, ensuring a smooth and accurate experience is key. We’ve compiled seven tips to help you make the most of your visit to the eye doctor and optimize your vision care plan.

1. Relax, Don’t Stress

It’s natural to feel a bit anxious, but squinting or trying to “cheat” during the exam can skew results. It is very important to stay relaxed for accurate outcomes.

2. Understand the Refraction

The “one or two” test might seem tricky, but it’s simpler than you think. Choose what feels clearer, and if you notice any sudden changes, communicate them—your feedback helps your doctor refine your glasses prescription during your eye examination.

3. Stay Relaxed During Eye Pressure Checks

The eye pressure check is crucial for detecting glaucoma. Relaxing during this test ensures accurate results and avoids unnecessary repeats.

4. Organize Your Benefits

Bring along your vision benefit and medical insurance cards. Maximizing these benefits can help cover eye examination services and leave more room for glasses, contacts, or sunglasses. With Vision Care Direct members do not need a card to utilize benefits at any in-network provider offices. Providers will be able to look up membership details with your name and date of birth. You can view your detailed benefits by logging in to your account on our website.

5. List Your Medications

Certain medications can affect your vision. Having an updated list handy helps your eye doctor assess any potential impacts on your eyesight and helps your doctor better understand your overall health.

6. Bring Previous Prescriptions

If you wear glasses or contacts, bringing in your old prescriptions aids the comparison and evaluation process. For contact lens wearers, having them handy streamlines the update process.

7. Expect Pupil Dilation

Prepare for pupil dilation during your exam. While it might seem inconvenient, this step allows your doctor to thoroughly examine your eyes for potential diseases, ensuring overall eye health.
As a patient, you should be happy when your doctor wants to dilate your pupils. Dilation is like opening a window to see the back of your eye instead of looking through just a keyhole.


Why Choose Vision Care Direct?

For those seeking a comprehensive vision care plan, Vision Care Direct offers tailored benefits, making your eye care journey smoother. By leveraging your vision benefits effectively, you can cover eye examination services and allocate more towards your eyewear needs—contacts, glasses, or sunglasses.

By following these tips and utilizing Vision Care Direct’s benefits, you’re not just getting the best prescriptions; you’re also prioritizing your overall eye and body health. Don’t overlook the importance of regular eye exams—they’re your window to healthy vision and well-being.