Optimize Your Benefits Package with the Help of Vision Care Direct

The job market isn’t what it used to be. Over the past decade, it’s become more competitive as employees have started to put their needs first. And as an employer, you play a huge role in retaining great employees. It’s your responsibility to make sure your employees are being taken care of and have everything they need for success – inside the workplace and out.

Aside from salary, a way to separate yourself from other employers is by offering a high-quality, valuable benefits package – one that includes vision care. Providing your employees with the coverage they’re looking for can help you retain both current and future employees.

Offering your employees a benefits package that satisfies their needs is the first step in keeping them happy and healthy. Our vision care plans from Vision Care Direct can help.

Here’s how our vision plans can not only keep your employees satisfied, but give your business a competitive edge and help you stand out from the rest.

#1 – Simple, Flexible, and Affordable Vision Care

Our vision service plans at Vision Care Direct can provide your employees with hassle-free, valuable vision care. We’ve intentionally designed our vision plans to be simple, flexible, and affordable, with no surprise out-of-pocket expenses.

Sometimes vision plans are confusing, wordy, and difficult to decipher what is actually covered when it comes to your vision care. Not with Vision Care Direct.

Our vision care plans are straightforward and don’t contain any complex terminology or fine print. When you’re a VCD member, you won’t have to question what’s covered and how much your employees will save.

Everyone has different vision care needs, which is why our vision plans are flexible enough to ensure the benefits are a good fit for every single employee in your organization. They’ll be able to use their coverage however they need it and customize their vision plan in a way that best serves them.

Through our vision care plans, we offer unbeatable value with transparent pricing and no unexpected out-of-pocket fees tacked on later. Your employees will know exactly what they’re paying for.

#2 – Good Vision is Needed for Good Work

Good vision is not only necessary for everyday life, but it’s also needed for optimal job performance. In fact, 95 percent of Americans agree that having good vision is important to their job. And for industries where low lighting or prolonged screen time is an everyday occurrence, vision care is more important than ever.

Providing your employees with a vision plan can keep them in good health and prevent eye strain or related headaches, lessening absenteeism and downtime in the long run.

#3 – Preventative Care

Receiving a comprehensive annual eye exam from an optometrist is one of the most important things you can do for your overall health. Not only do these exams assess your eyes, but they can also indicate a variety of other health concerns. Diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, glaucoma, certain types of cancers, and heart and kidney issues can all be discovered in the eyes before any other part of the body.

Early detection saves lives. An annual eye exam can identify these diseases sooner, resulting in a more positive outcome. An early diagnosis leads to earlier treatment, which also can drastically reduce healthcare costs.

#4 – Large Nationwide Network of Providers

Your employees won’t have a problem enjoying all that our vision care plans have to offer. Vision Care Direct has thousands of in-network providers across the country that are ready to help. With a selection of independent optometrists and retail locations near you, your employees are sure to find a professional that fits their needs and delivers them the care they’re looking for.

Enrich Your Benefits Package with Our Vision Care Plans!

At Vision Care Direct, we don’t offer individual vision insurance. We provide membership plans that make vision care easy to understand and readily accessible. When you’re a VCD member, you’ll have access to affordable and flexible vision care plans that can benefit your business in more ways than one. No matter the size of your business, we can supply a vision plan that everyone will benefit from. Our plans can be customized to your employee’s unique needs, giving them full control of their vision care.

When you sign up for VCD PLUS, you’ll get to enjoy all of the benefits of Vision Care Direct – and more! You’ll have access to several extras for no additional cost, including anti-reflection, scratch resistance, and UV protection. Our materials coverage allows your employees to use their benefits exactly how they need at the doctor’s office, when they need it.

Ready to add value to your benefits package? To get started, give us a call at (877) 488-8900. Or if you have any questions regarding our one-of-a-kind vision service plans, send us a message online. We’d be happy to help!