Our Vision Plans Can Benefit You, Too!

After several employees asked about their vision benefits, Karen Reade, Wesley Towers VP of Human Resources, started looking for a plan provider. She ended up selecting Vision Care Direct, and felt confident in her decision right away.

The Wesley Towers Retirement Community

Since 1969, The Wesley Towers Retirement Community has offered a vast selection of assisted living options in Hutchinson, KS. From independent living to nursing home care, patients are able to access a level of care and independence that is adapted to their unique needs.

As a retirement community, Wesley Towers is undoubtedly a people-oriented business. Besides caring for its residents, it also strives to take great care of its employees, one way being by offering excellent benefits.

The Community’s Need for Vision Care

Prior to working with Vision Care Direct, Wesley Towers didn’t offer vision plans to its employees. After several employees brought this issue to her attention, Reade saw the need for reliable, quality vision care and began researching options.

Reade Knew Vision Care Direct was the Right Choice

After reviewing a few bids from plan providers, Reade reached out to local optometrists for their opinion. This would give her a better idea of what these professionals thought of each plan provider, and would potentially help her make a decision. After all, it was important to ensure the employees at Wesley Towers had access to a plan that allowed them to continue visiting providers they already have a relationship with and trust.

A majority of the local optometrists recommended Vision Care Direct, one reason being that it makes it easy for providers to get paid.

Five Years and Counting of Vision Care

Wesley Towers started offering the vision service plans at Vision Care Direct as part of its benefits package five years ago. Since then, it’s been a positive experience for everyone involved.

The initial enrollment process was quick and easy. Employees filled out paper forms, and Vision Care Direct took over from there.

Reade feels that she can reach out to her assigned Vision Care Direct representative at any time and is always helped when needed. She appreciates that Vision Care Direct works in a timely manner and doesn’t hesitate to go the extra mile. The billing process is simple, and employees are satisfied with the vision plans available to them.

She has seen Vision Care Direct evolve over the last five years with an updated website, and online portal, making it even easier for plan recipients to use.

There have been relatively few issues over the years. However, on one occasion, Reade reached out to Vision Care Direct to report an issue with scratches on eyewear that came from the lab. She was more than pleased when Don Railsback, O.D., CEO of Vision Care Direct, met with her in person to take a look at the faulty glasses.

He replaced the glasses quickly and got to the bottom of the problem to prevent further issues with scratching.

How Vision Care Direct has Benefited Wesley Towers

Overall, working with Vision Care Direct has been a great experience for everyone at Wesley Towers. In fact, Reade has even found herself recommending Vision Care Direct plans to other companies.

Not only does Wesley Towers have a more attractive benefits package, but employees are more aware of the need to take care of their eye health, thanks to educational efforts from Vision Care Direct to promote annual exams as a preventive measure.

Get Accessible Vision Plans Today with Vision Care Direct

As an employer, Wesley Towers goes above and beyond to support the well-being of its employees, including providing them access to the benefits they need. Choosing Vision Care Direct was a no-brainer after hearing so many positive reviews from local optometrists. With vision care providers getting paid easily, a fast enrollment and billing process, and outstanding customer service, working with Vision Care Direct is a decision Wesley Towers doesn’t regret.

If your employees need access to vision care, we can help you get started with flexible prepaid plans that provide great value and smooth access to eye exams and other services. To learn more about our vision plans, give us a call at (877) 488-8900 or visit our website.