Vision Benefit Plans to Satisfy the Needs of Every Employer

A benefits package can help employers attract and retain top talent within their industry. To offer a package that adds value for the employee, you’ll need to find the right broker.

That’s where Professional Insurance Consultants come in. With decades of industry experience, flexibility, and strong partnerships with insurance providers, PIC makes a difference by offering plans tailored to the needs of each employer.

Who are Professional Insurance Consultants?

Established in 1999, Professional Insurance Consultants began with a mission to offer affordable and flexible employee benefits packages complete with health insurance, life insurance, healthcare financing options, and dental and vision benefit plans.

PIC’s clients are small and medium-sized businesses ranging from 50 to 500 employees. Because of their relatively small size, it’s crucial for these businesses to offer customizable benefits packages that deliver as much value as possible.

The Beginning of a Successful Partnership

When they first started, PIC was new to the employee benefits market. As a broker, they needed to establish strong partnerships right away to offer plans that would create value for their clients. They also needed to gain trust to grow their customer base.

Vision Care Direct approached PIC at just the right time. To this day, PIC only works with Vision Care Direct when it comes to vision benefit plans.

What It’s Like to Work With Vision Care Direct

Vision Care Direct has been a reliable partner of PIC for years. Rhonda Fernandez, founder of PIC, owes it to the fact that she can reach out to Vision Care Direct anytime and get an immediate response. Vision Care Direct is not only flexible, but is always willing to go the extra mile to find the best solution possible. Requests for payments are processed quickly, and Fernandez enjoys having access to industry knowledge regarding vision plans.

Vision Care Direct works with PIC to create strategic packages that reflect the latest trends in the benefits marketplace, ensuring that the vision benefit plans are always up-to-date and relevant.

Why Vision Care Matters

For PIC representatives, Vision Care Direct plans are an easy sell. Members get to work with local providers and independent optometrists, meaning they can continue to see the healthcare providers they feel comfortable with.

Because Vision Care Direct offers a great experience for providers, there’s a wide network of optometrists available and processing payment requests is no problem.

Members also see value when it comes to cost. Healthcare costs are expected to increase by more than 5 percent in 2022, reflecting an ongoing challenge for employers to offer affordable plans. Vision Care Direct gives members the peace of mind of knowing they can access affordable vision care whenever they need it, including for their children.

Vision Care Direct plans are an affordable option for employers looking to build customized benefits packages. The rate rarely changes, so it’s easy to plan spending in advance.

In 2020, 45 percent of employers considered healthcare plans as integral to their workforce strategy, a number that rose from 27 percent in 2018. These percentages reflect the increasingly important role that benefits packages play in hiring and retention.

Fortunately, Vision Care Direct is constantly improving their vision benefit plans to reflect these new trends and expectations.

Explore Our Vision Benefit Plans Today!

Thanks to partners like Vision Care Direct, PIC has established itself as a reliable and flexible broker for employee benefits packages by offering customized solutions and providing members with an incredible experience.

If you’re interested in expanding the benefits you offer, get in touch with us at Vision Care Direct! Or call (877) 488-8900 to learn more about our vision plans.