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Managing benefits for several school districts can be challenging. Kansas Board Solutions (KBS), a subsidiary of the Kansas Association of School Boards, oversees this important task.

For Rod Spangler, the CEO of Kansas Board Solutions, choosing Vision Care Direct was a no-brainer thanks to his past experiences with this provider. Vision Care Direct’s streamlined approach allows KBS to offer quality vision benefit plans to employees without adding to the existing workload.

The Significance of the Kansas Association of School Boards and Kansas Board Solutions

The Kansas Association of School Boards manages different school districts through a public board. A nonprofit branch supports education in the state, and additional services and programs are available to paid members, including consulting and insurance.

Kansas Board Solutions is a subsidiary that was launched in 2016. In 2018, KBS then created a program to manage the benefits offered to employees of local school districts.

The Need for Quality Benefits

As CEO, Spangler is responsible for overseeing a budget and making decisions that provide the most value for employees through Kansas Board Solutions. Spangler knew that offering quality vision care was an important requirement, and it’s a type of plan that employees expect to receive as part of their benefits package.

However, expanding the benefits available potentially meant more work for KBS. One of the requirements was to find a plan provider that could handle enrollment, claims, and customer service to reduce KBS’ workload.

That’s where Vision Care Direct comes in.

Choosing Vision Care Direct

Prior to overseeing KBS, Spangler had an extensive background as a carrier with a national insurance firm. Vision Care Direct was one of the providers he partnered with to offer vision plans in the Kansas school district market. As a reliable partner for over two decades, it made sense to go with this plan provider for KBS’ needs.

Spangler’s knowledge of the local vision care market meant that he knew optometrists widely accept Vision Care Direct benefit plans and like working with them because they’re able to get paid fast.

Offering plans via Vision Care Direct also meant giving school employees access to flexible vision care options that meet their expectations.

And from a financial perspective, Vision Care Direct provided the most value per dollar due to the size of the local network and the quality of its vision plans.

What Vision Benefit Plans Have Offered KBS

Vision Care Direct delivers value for KBS by handling issues with reimbursement and other customer service requests. To reduce the workload of KBS employees, representatives of Vision Care Direct interact directly with plan holders on a regular basis.

Plus, including vision benefit plans in the benefits package of school employees has been successful. There’s a high participation rate for these plans, and employees are satisfied with the services available to them.

Vision Care Direct offers a seamless experience with no disruption for the plan recipients. Not only do they have access to great vision care, but Kansas schools are able to offer a comprehensive benefits package to both attract and retain talent.

The proof is in the data. Kansas is a state where the stability rate – or teachers staying where they are instead of requesting a transfer – is higher than the national average, so we know this people-oriented approach is working. Though 313 teachers left the state in 2020, a total of 562 educators from other states moved to Kansas.

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When KBS needed a reliable provider that could offer quality plans on a large scale while also reducing its workload, Vision Care Direct was the perfect choice.

Whether you need help offering vision benefit plans on a similar scale or need to offer benefits for smaller organizations, Vision Care Direct has solutions that can meet the needs and expectations of your clients. To learn more, call us at (877) 488-8900 or visit our website.