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Doctor-Owned Vision Plans from Vision Care Direct

Give your patients the best care while keeping insurance companies out of your pockets.

Vision Care Direct is the premier doctor-owned vision care plan. What does that mean for providers like you? It means you’ll be able to provide the highest quality care to your patients while maintaining competitive compensation for those services. Keep reading to see how you can become a part of the Vision Care Direct network.

The Problem with Most Vision Care Plans

Most vision care plans make providing high quality care for your patients almost impossible because doctor reimbursements are so low that you can’t afford top-of-the-line technology for your office. These plans may also restrict you to using certain labs for materials. As a result, your practice suffers lost credibility, and your patients are forced to endure low-quality care.

Plus, the fear of mounds of paperwork and a time-consuming claims process discourages your patients from actually using their insurance plans in the first place.


Why Our Doctor-Owned Vision Care Is Different

Because Vision Care Direct is a doctor-owned vision care plan, there’s no insurance company to muddle the doctor-patient relationship. You’ll be working directly with your patients as they pay more competitive rates for higher-quality services. That means you’re not restricted in the care you provide, the technology you buy, or the vendors your patients have access to under their vision benefit plans.

To become a Vision Care Direct provider, simply join your state’s Independent Physician Association by visiting our sister-site, Independent Eye Care Professionals.

See How Our Doctor-Owned Vision Plan Works


Some of the Reasons Our Doctors Choose Vision Care Direct

Here are a few of the things that Vision Care Direct doctors love about being in the VCD network:

  • Higher reimbursements
  • No waiting time for new patients
  • Access to great vendor deals and discounts
  • Less time spent on filing for reimbursements
  • Improved patient retention
  • Access to optometry conferences and events
  • Business development services
  • Sales and marketing consulting

Visit the IECP Site

How to Become a Vision Care Direct Provider

To tap into the many benefits of being a Vision Care Direct provider, you’ll need to become a member of your state’s Independent Physician Association (IPA). To learn more about joining your state’s IPA and how Vision Care Direct is active in your area, please click here.

To join your state’s IPA now, select your state from the drop-down menu:



What are you waiting for? Take control of your practice, and achieve the level of patient care you’ve always wanted.